by WeddingReadyCo
Photography by Tess Follett

Time flies when you’re having fun right?!

Well, on your wedding day – time will feel like lightning speed!

You’ll both be the ultimate people in the demand and literally everyone will want a piece of you.

From all the formalities, food, mingling, photos etc – it can be challenging to fit everything in.

One factor that so often gets over looked is….

Time with JUST THE TWO OF YOU on your wedding day.

You might think this sounds so obvious, however if not ‘scheduled’ in the wedding day timeline – there is a high chance it might not happen!!

And when I say just the two of you – I mean just that! No photographers, no videographers, other wedding party members, parents etc – just you two!

So, when you are putting together your wedding day timeline – look at options throughout the day/night to factor in ‘just the two of you’ time.

It might just be even 5minutes together after you’ve had all of your professional photos done. It might be straight after your ceremony, or once all the formalities are over. It could be after your ‘first look’ (if doing) or after your drinks/canapes period.

Whenever and however you choose to do it – schedule it into your timeline and ensure to communicate to your appropriate wedding vendors too. Chat to your venue about a private space that you could use to chill out, have a drink (cheeky shot?! 🙊) together etc.

Make this as much as a priority as you would do speeches/photos/dancing etc – trust me, you’ll thank me for it 😘

Rachel – Wedding Ready Co. xx

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