“I love the magic of weddings. The anticipation, the build-up. The fun and excitement of designing your own, epic day together. It’s an amazing time in life to totally embrace.

Believe me when I say that all the planning and preparation is so worth it. I would marry my husband a thousand times if I could.

Do it your way and celebrate like you have never celebrated before”

Rachel Hines – Owner & Director of Wedding Ready Co.


Wedding Ready Co. is an inspirational, luxe-infused online wedding planning platform based in Melbourne, Australia.
Created and founded by Rachel Hines.


Rachel’s Story of Wedding Ready Co.

Originally from the UK, Rachel moved to Australia in 2010.
Rachel is a wife, mother and a wedding lover.

Having spent over 12 years in the wedding industry, including being the Senior Events Manager for some of Melbourne’s most premium wedding venues, Rachel is an experienced and highly trusted wedding professional.

A passion for style and high quality, Rachel found she was constantly directing her clients to so many separate online platforms, rather than just to one easy and exciting destination to browse, plan, shop, hire and enquire all things wedding and bridal. Researching as she always did, soon discovered that no such platform existed.

The lightbulb moment.

An opportunity to share the love beyond her previous wedding planning and consulting services.
All detailed via the ease of a click and a dot com.

Combined with her love of the modern wedding world and an exciting idea, it was then Rachel made the decision to create her very own online wedding platform.

The concept of Wedding Ready Co. was born.

Welcome to Wedding Ready Co.